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A Message from ICMA-RC President and CEO, Bob Schultze

December 29, 2015

Bob SchultzeAt ICMA-RC, we understand how important it is for you to have access to your retirement accounts wherever you are, so we have developed several tools and resources to help you manage your finances and better prepare for your retirement goals. 

ICMA-RC's award-winning mobile app allows you to conveniently conduct transactions from a mobile device. You can also monitor your account, access educational tools, update personal information and even enroll in your plan. 

We have several interactive calculators to assist you in developing savings strategies and planning for retirement. This includes our popular Small Change, Big Savings calculator, which shows how forgoing a few small everyday items can help you save over time, and our newly released Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) calculator, which helps with determining current and future RMDs. 

Equipping participants with helpful retirement planning education, both through assistance from our local field representatives and through our simple to use digital tools, is something we focus on each day at ICMA-RC.   

We want to ensure you have the services and tools to best suit your needs and hope these resources will guide you in making educated decisions about your future and assist you in building retirement security.  

Bob Schultze

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