4th Quarter 2016

Saving Forward: RealizeRetirement® Tour

RR Tour VideoIn the last issue of the Quarterly News, we asked readers where retirement ranks in their priorities for saving. Nearly two out of three (63 percent) said that it’s their top goal. But, what’s retirement really like?

Helping answer that question is the goal of ICMA-RC’s RealizeRetirement Tour, an interactive experience traveling across the country to help public sector employees learn more about retirement.

Our innovative “My Retirement Dream Experience” lets you imagine your future self in retirement, complete with a personalized video based on your answers to a few questions about your goals. You’ll also be able to experience a thrilling 360-degree virtual reality view of the lives of three public-sector employees, take a selfie of yourself enjoying retirement in a variety of exotic locations, and give our digital prize wheel a spin for a souvenir. And you can meet with ICMA-RC reps to ask questions about saving for retirement and making the most of your plans.

Experience the animated, personalized retirement video and virtual reality tour on your smart phone at any time with our ICMA-RC mobile app. You can download the mobile app from Google Play™ or the App Store®. For more information, visit

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