2018 Charts of the Week

Conference Board Consumer Confidence

Chart of the Week for March 2, 2018 - March 8, 2018

The Consumer Confidence Index has risen with improving U.S economic conditions over the past 12 months.

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index (Index) is a closely watched economic indicator published monthly. The Index is based on surveys that measure the level of confidence individual households have related to business conditions in their area and in their family's economic condition. Households are asked five questions: 1) a rating of business conditions in the household's area, 2) a rating of business conditions in six months, 3) job availability in the area, 4) job availability in six months, and 5) family income in six months.

The chart above shows the Index generally improving over the past 12 months. The February 2018 Index of 130.8 represented the third straight monthly increase, and was the highest value since January 2000. It also showed consumers were pleased with the job market and businesses reported good business conditions. The increase in the Index over the past 12 months has corresponded with strong economic conditions in the U.S. including stronger employment numbers and accelerating GDP growth. Economists note that factors including rising interest rates, government policy decisions on taxes and other matters could impact consumer confidence going forward.

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