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ICMA-RC Launches Website Enhancements

December 28, 2015

Improves Usability, Interactivity, and Accessibility to Educational Tools

ICMA-RC, the nation's only non-profit provider of retirement plans exclusively for public sector employees, recently launched its redesigned website,

The website's enhancements include improved usability, streamlined design, and an emphasis on popular retirement planning resources, along with additional tools to help educate participants about saving for retirement. The enhancements carry through to ICMA-RC's participant and plan sponsor online resources, and are optimized across all platforms to include the Web and mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

"At ICMA-RC, one of our strengths is providing high-touch, high-value interaction with our clients and our online resources help to complement this strength," said Gregory Dyson, Senior Vice President, Chief Operations & Marketing Officer. "Being available to our public sector clients is critical, and we feel that these enhanced resources will play a key role in continuing to provide the highest level of service to them."

The enhanced website follows best practices for contemporary digital content design and reinforces ICMA-RC's focus on the public sector with specific tools to educate local and state government participants about saving for retirement.

For more information and to view the site, visit

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