401(a) Retirement Plan<br />457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan: For DC Government Employees

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    The District of Columbia and ICMA-RC are committed to helping you build retirement security.

    On-Site Service
    Financial Planning Services
    Online Resources 
    Guided Pathways® Investment Advice 
    Retirement Income Solutions
    Social Security 
    District of Columbia 529 College Savings Plan
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    On-Site Service

    Your local Retirement Plans Specialists can help you plan your retirement and manage your account. They also present on-site education seminars. View a list of upcoming seminars at agencies around the District.

    Register for an individual appointment or group seminar at the local service centers:

    Register for a group seminar taking place at agency locations around the District. If a seminar is "Open," anyone may attend; if an agency is listed, that session is for employees of that agency only.

    Event Registration

    Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown, RPS
    (877) 313-8318
    William Carreras
    William Carreras, RPS
    (888) 803-2728
    Keith Beasley
    Keith Beasley, RPS
    (866) 339-8799
    Angel Hawthorne
    Angel Hawthorne, RPS
    (866) 886-8028
    Kundai Mpundu
    Kundai Mpundu, RPS
    (866) 339-8797
    Donnell Williams
    Donnell Williams, Plan Manager
    (800) 260-8097

    Financial Planning Services

    Your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional can help you plan your overall financial future.

    Steven Taylor Steve Taylor, CFP®
    (866) 838-6661
    • Seminars and workshops at your worksite during staff meetings, safety meetings or other special events.
    • One-on-one appointments, for more personalized guidance, in person or by phone.

    Customized financial plans provide written, customized guidance.

    • Snapshot Financial Plans - personal retirement savings forecasts, available free to all District participants.
    • Goal-Specific Financial Plans - detailed analysis of one or two financial topics, such as Retirement, Asset Allocation, Education, Insurance Planning, or a Major Purchase.
    • Comprehensive Financial Plans designed primarily for those nearing retirement.

    Your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERYour CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM provides education about a variety of financial topics that can affect retirement savings, such as estate planning, saving for education, and setting long-term financial goals. View this webinar to learn more and meet Steve, your CFP®.

    Online Resources

    Your all-in-one-place retirement hub contains a range of educational materials and useful tools, including articles, checklists, newsletters for early and late-career employees and retirees, brochures, videos, recorded webinars on a variety of topics, a Personal Finance Recordkeeper to help organize your finances, and online calculators.


    Guided Pathways® - Investment Advice

    Guided Pathways helps you determine how much to save and how to invest. Choose from three levels of service, from guidance to specific fund advice to ongoing account management.

    More information

    Retirement Income Solutions

    When you retire, you'll have many decisions to make. One of the most important is how you will receive your retirement income. Many options exist, from the most flexible to the most secure, and the best strategy for you might be a combination of solutions. The District offers you a full spectrum of Retirement Income Solutions to help you achieve the life you want in retirement. Learn more about your Retirement Income Solutions.

    Social Security

    Online retirement planning tools

    Retirement publications

    District of Columbia 529 College Savings Plan

    The District of Columbia offers a 529 Savings Plan to help you save for college. For more information about this plan, please visit www.dccollegesavings.com.

    Contact Us

    Have a question or comment? Contact us at service@DCRetire.com.

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