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ICMA-RC makes available a broad array of investment options to help local and state government employees build retirement security. The available options depend on the type of account in which one is investing:

  • 457 and 401 Plans
  • IRAs
  • RHS Plans

Our investment philosophy, insights, and approach to education are based on our experience in addressing the unique needs of the public sector.

Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Learn about our multi-management approach to investing.

Investment Insights

Investment Insights

Get insights into investment and financial topics, including research and quarterly commentary related to the fixed income and equity markets.

To learn more about investment options available to you, log in to your account, call Investor Services at 800-669-7400, or contact your ICMA-RC representative.

Investment Education

Get to know your 401a money purchase plan

Learn about investing for retirement at our education website, RealizeRetirement®.

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