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The Vantagepoint Funds

Vantagepoint Funds logoAs of September 16, 2016, The Vantagepoint Funds are no longer available for purchase through ICMA-RC administered IRA or Retirement Health Savings program accounts.

The following information about The Vantagepoint Funds will continue to be available through December 31, 2016.

  • Prospectuses that explain the Funds in detail, including investment objectives, principal investment strategies, and risks.
  • Statement of Additional Information that explains in greater detail a Fund's strategies, other permitted investments, and operations.
  • Annual and Semi-Annual Shareholder Reports that contain a variety of updated information about a Fund's performance and its holdings for the period designated. In addition, the Annual Report to Shareholders includes commentary about a Fund's performance and the factors that affected this performance, such as market conditions.

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