Ask ICMA-RC: How can I access my account online?

Account Access was recently redesigned. The following tips can help you log in to your account.

Keep in mind that your ID and password are not case sensitive. Your user ID must be 6-32 characters and your password must be 8-12 characters. Your ID and password must include at least two of the three following types of characters: letters, numbers, or only the following special characters: *, ., -, or @.

Deleting cookies on your browser will automatically unregister the device you asked us to remember.

To ensure you're using a compatible Internet browser, please use Internet Explorer 8-9, Firefox, or Safari.

If you receive an image that is not your own, this means the user ID you entered is not the one you created; please return to the login page and re-enter your ID.

If you receive an error message when logging in, this means the password or security answer you entered doesn't match the one you initially created. If you are having difficulty remembering your login credentials, please use the "Forgot User ID and Password" link to change your credentials.

If you have separated from your employer and do not have a balance in your account, you will no longer be able to access your account online.

Need more help? You can view a video online about creating your login credentials and other helpful information. Go to and click on the "Help" link within the log-in section.

Have a question about logging in to your account? Send your question to

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