Account Security
Tips for Handling Suspicious Emails

Fraudulent emails can be used to trick you into giving out your personal information. Such emails may appear as if they are from legitimate sources; however, clicking the links embedded in these emails might expose your personal information to cyber thieves.

ICMA-RC suggests these fraud awareness tips to help you better safeguard your retirement assets and personal information.

Potential indicators of a fraudulent or malicious email include emails that:

  • Ask you to verify or confirm something by clicking an embedded link or opening an attachment.
  • Prompt a response from you by using alarming language such as "your account has been compromised"
  • Confirm a transaction you did not initiate
  • Contain misspelled words or grammatical errors
  • Request your password or personal identification number

What should you do if you think you received a fraudulent or malicious email?

  • Verify the information by going directly to that company’s website instead of replying to the email or using a link within the email.
  • Visit the company's website and use the contact information on the site to call or email the company.
  • Do not forward the email, click on any links, or call any numbers listed in the email.

These practices should not be limited to your retirement account. It’s a good idea to apply them to all business you conduct.

If you receive any suspicious emails concerning your account with ICMA-RC, please contact our Investor Services team at (800) 669-7400 or log in to your account at www.icmarc.org/login to send us a secure email message. The sooner you notify us, the sooner we can help.