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    Plan 3 Education Seminars

    Free educational seminars are available to all Plan 3 members and new hires. Below is a short description of the educational seminars conducted by ICMA-RC on behalf of the Department of Retirement Systems (DRS). You are welcome to attend open seminars at school districts or PERS locations statewide.

    Use the schedule links below to find an open seminar near you. Click on “View Available Events” and the screen will show the first ten scheduled seminars. Click “Next” at the top right of the list to see more dates. To sort the entire schedule, use the Zip Code, Keyword, or Advanced Search features. If you choose, an email will be sent from the third party record keeper, ICMA-RC, to confirm your registration. It is important that you keep a copy of the confirmation number for your records in case you need to reference or cancel an event in the future.

    If you have any registration questions, please call 888-711-8773.

    Seminar TypeDescription

    Getting to Know Plan 3
    Length: 1 hour

    Overview of the components of Plan 3 as well as the contribution rate and investment option decisions you’ll need to make as a new and/or current Plan 3 member.

    Withdrawing from Plan 3
    Length: 1 hour

    Summary of Plan 3 retirement and/or withdrawal options following separation from service with your employer. Many payment examples and instructions for withdrawal paperwork are provided.

    New Employee Orientation
    Length: varies

    Summary of the time sensitive decisions that new members need to make regarding a Plan Choice decision and the contribution rate and investment options in Plan 3. Presentation is conducted as part of an employer's orientation training day.

    Plan 3 Workshop
    Length: 45 minutes

    Online demonstration of the tools and account access links on the ICMA-RC and DRS websites. Workshop also includes an extended question and answer period on all Plan 3 topics.

    Benefits Fair
    Length: varies

    ICMA-RC financial education specialist will attend the employer sponsored benefits fair to answer member questions about Plan 3.

    Plan Choice
    Length: 1 hour

    Comparison of the similarities and differences between Plan 2 and Plan 3 that will assist new hires in making their Plan Choice decision. Available resources and instructions for the Member Information Form will also be provided.


    The Department of Retirement Systems is postponing the Oct. 1 effective date for transferring recordkeeping services for PERS, SERS and TRS Plan 3 members. Under the revised schedule, Plan 3 record keeping will transfer from ICMA-RC to the new record keeper on March 1, 2016. Because of this postponement, we have cancelled the Plan 3 “blackout” that was scheduled for Sept. 23–Oct. 2 (a blackout is a period when customer access to Plan 3 accounts is limited to allow for the transfer of data to the new record keeper). A new blackout period will be scheduled for February; we’ll advise you of the exact dates once they’re finalized. For additional information, visit www.drs.wa.gov/upgrade.