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    Washington State Webinars

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    Age-Based Investing

    Learn more about the features of age-based investing through the Self-Directed Investment Program.

    Career Transitions

    Overview of the dual structure of Plan 3 and withdrawal options for Plan 3 members going through a career transition.

    Account Access

    A demonstration of Account Access, the online tool to manage your defined contribution account.

    Plan 3 Essentials

    Review of the Plan 3 components and the important decisions that all Plan 3 members need to make.

    TAP Annuity

    Introduction of the TAP Annuity, a disbursement option available to Plan 3 members that provides a guaranteed payment stream in exchange for a lump-sum payment from your Plan 3 defined contribution account.

    Understanding Your Plan 3 Quarterly Statement

    A quick tour of the key sections of your Plan 3 quarterly statement and what you can do with the information.

    TRS Plan 3 Contribution Rate Change Window

    If you're a TRS Plan 3 member, you have a final opportunity in January 2015 to change your contribution rate. If you decide to do so, please complete the TRS Plan 3 Contribution Rate Change form. Once you have filled out the form, submit it to your employer between January 1 and January 31. Read More...