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    Plan Choice

    Journey to Retirement

    Welcome to Washington State Public Service

    As a public employee you are eligible for retirement benefits administered by the Department of Retirement Systems (DRS). You have 90 days to choose between two different pension plans - Plan 2 or Plan 3. Here you'll find information, tools and resources that will help you determine your goals for retirement and how to best meet them.

    Carefully consider your options. As a newly eligible employee, once you make a choice, you cannot change plans. If you don't make a plan choice within 90 days of becoming a public employee, you will automatically be placed in Plan 3, and you cannot later decide to become a member of Plan 2. Also, if you choose Plan 2, you cannot later switch to Plan 3 in the January Transfer window. The Plan Choice Booklet is a good place for more information.

    Some members are here because they're considering a transfer to Plan 3. While new employees must make a plan decision in 90 days, members who were in Plan 2 before Plan 3 started can still decide to transfer to Plan 3 each January. We've provided resources and information for those interested in making a transfer decision.

    The Financial Modeling Software can help you to compare the monthly retirement benefits in Plan 2 versus Plan 3. Take a few moments to use this online tool and you can enter in various retirement scenarios to assist you in making this important decision. Be sure to take advantage of the resources available through this website as well as onsite Plan Choice seminars.

    When was the last time you reviewed your investment allocation?

    Having an investment allocation in line with your personal goals and risk tolerance is crucial to retirement success. Great information about performance, asset allocation, and risk is available under the Investments tab.