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4th Quarter 2019

6 Smart Financial Moves for the New Year

The new year is the perfect time to review your finances, make the most of new opportunities to save, and cut back on unnecessary expenses. The following steps can help you start the year on strong financial footing. [...continued]

Saving Forward: 5 Things to Know About Saving for Retirement

You may wonder why you should start thinking about retirement when you’re young. But setting aside even a small amount of money in your tax-advantaged retirement plan now can build a significant nest egg over time. Learn more about the benefits of 457 plans and resources to help with your retirement-savings questions. [...continued]

Around MissionSquare Retirement

Learn more about the new 2020 retirement plan contribution limits, the MissionSquare Retirement Public Employee Memorial Scholarship Fund, a new checklist and service sign-up options when you log into your account, and America Saves Week. [...continued]

Investing Spotlight: Target-Date and Stable Value Funds

One benefit of investing in a retirement plan is that you have access to two special kinds of investments: target date funds and stable value funds. These funds serve very different purposes, but both can help with your retirement-savings goals at different times in your life. Learn more about both of these special funds. [...continued]

Ask MissionSquare Retirement: Tax Forms

Find out more about the tax forms you should be receiving from MissionSquare Retirement over the next few months, what to do with them when you file your income taxes, and what to do if you don’t receive them or you misplace any of the forms. [...continued]

Tax Breaks for Education at Any Age

Whether you’re saving for kids’ college, paying off your own student loans, or planning to return to school, there are several tax-friendly ways to pay for higher education. Find out more about these tax breaks and special accounts. [...continued]

What Is a Roth IRA and How Can It Help Me Save for Retirement?

A Roth IRA is a versatile retirement-savings account that provides tax-free money in retirement. Even if you’re already contributing to a 457 plan at work, you can contribute to a Roth IRA, too, which can be a good way to tax-diversify your retirement savings. Learn more about who qualifies for Roths and how they work. [...continued]
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