4 Tools to Help You Save Smarter

Lady SurveyorEven though you may be years from retirement, it’s important to save regularly and wisely. After all, setting aside even a little money when you’re young can grow significantly by the time you retire, especially if you make the most of tax-advantaged savings opportunities. Fortunately, you have access to valuable tools now that can make it easier to save for the future. The following strategies and resources can help:

Save automatically. Making regular contributions to a 457 retirement-savings plan at work makes it easy to save: Your money is invested before taxes and grows tax-deferred for retirement.

Boost savings when possible. Adding even a little extra money to your 457 plan can add up over the long term. You may be able to contribute more, for example, when you get a raise or cut back on expenses. Our Small Change, Big Savings calculator shows you how small changes to everyday spending, such as $4 a day for a cup of coffee, can have a meaningful impact on your savings over time.

Get help with investing decisions. MissionSquare Retirement offers several levels of resources to help you make confident choices with your retirement savings. With our Retirement Plans Specialists, financial plans and other helpful products, services, and educational resources, you’ll find the approach you need for your situation. Find out more at www.icmarc.org/invest.

Assess progress. MissionSquare Retirement’s calculators can help you set goals, monitor progress, and identify strategies to help keep you on track. For example, check out the Retirement Security Builder at www.icmarc.org/education; click on the Retirement Savings Calculator tab.


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