Around MissionSquare Retirement

Tools to Help You Save and Manage Your Account
MissionSquare Retirement offers many educational resources to help you from the start of your savings journey and throughout your retirement. Set your sights (and fingertips) on these helpful tools by logging in to your account at

Sign up for MissionSquare Retirement's TextAccess feature, which allows you to request certain account information and have it sent directly to your mobile phone via text. In Account Access, navigate to the TextAccess menu item under Overview. After signing up, you can get information such as your account balance, your last contribution amount, and your rate of return.

Account Aggregation
Connect and view all of your finances — MissionSquare Retirement accounts and other financial accounts, including any checking, savings, brokerage, outside retirement accounts, and credit cards — in one location with our Account Aggregation service. Your MissionSquare Retirement retirement account(s) will be automatically populated.

Am I On Track
See if you're on track for retirement with MissionSquare Retirement's online Am I On Track tool that provides you with a personalized retirement readiness score and retirement income gap analysis assessment. You also receive a proposed savings rate, retirement age, and investment mix. You can further personalize your score by adding additional personal and financial information, or you can enroll in Fund Advice or Managed Accounts (if offered in your plan) by clicking the "Improve Your Score" button. Test it out to see whether you're on track or need to make adjustments.


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