2nd Quarter 2018

Ask ICMA-RC: Can I roll over money from other retirement accounts into my account with ICMA-RC?

If your plan allows, IRAs from other providers as well as qualified 401 and 457 plans can be consolidated into an ICMA-RC retirement account. To consolidate the accounts, log in to your ICMA-RC Account Access website, select the plan you would like to consolidate your rollover assets to, click on Forms and search for Direct Rollover/Transfer to ICMA-RC Form, then complete the form and mail or fax it to the address on the instruction page.

There are no limitations to how much can be rolled over into an account at one time; however, you should contact the provider you are rolling the assets from to identify any limitations on their end. Only assets from qualified retirement plans can be rolled into an ICMA-RC account.

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