Ask MissionSquare Retirement: How Can I Protect Myself From Online Fraud?

The following steps can help protect you and your account information online:

Beware of suspicious or unusual emails with embedded links. To visit MissionSquare Retirement ( or any other financial institutions online, always open a new browser window and manually enter the website address, rather than clicking on a link in an email.

Most companies, including MissionSquare Retirement, require you to log in to a secure site for sensitive transactions. When visiting MissionSquare Retirement’s Account Access website, always look for https:// and the lock [Secure Website Lock Icon] in your browser bar prior to logging in.

Take note of the header address on each website you visit. Legitimate sites typically have short internet addresses — likely depicting the business’s name — usually followed by “.com,” “.org” “.edu,” or “.gov.” Illegitimate sites are more likely to have excessively long strings of characters in the header, with the legitimate business’s name somewhere in that string (if at all).

If you have any doubts about an email or website, contact the legitimate company directly. Make a copy of the questionable website’s internet address, email it to or call the legitimate business, and ask if the correspondence or site is legitimate.

If you’ve been victimized by a bogus email or website, contact local police or sheriff’s department, inform/notify your employer, and file a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Fraud Complaint Center at

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