1st Quarter 2018

Ask ICMA-RC: What tax forms will I get from ICMA-RC this spring?

You'll be getting key tax documents from ICMA-RC in the first few months of the year. You should have received a Form 1099-R in January 2018, reporting any distributions you made from your 457 or 401 plan or IRA in 2017. Review the distribution codes when you receive those forms, and contact ICMA-RC with any questions. You need this information to file your 2017 taxes, and should keep the forms with your tax records.

In May 2018, you'll receive Form 5498 reporting any IRA contributions, rollovers, or conversions you made for 2017. This tax form comes after the tax-filing deadline, but you should keep it with your tax records, too.

If you have misplaced any forms or they were lost in the mail, you can also get copies by logging in to your account at www.icmarc.org/login. Just click the View Statements & Confirms option from the home page to view, print, or save the document to your files.

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