2nd Quarter 2018

Tax Strategies for Summertime Savings

Several moves you make this summer can save you money in taxes.

Tax breaks for summer camp. If you have children under age 13 and pay for child care while you and your spouse work, you could be eligible for a tax credit to help pay for day care, preschool, a nanny, before- and after-school care, and even summer day camp. The lower your income, the larger the credit. See IRS Publication 503 at www.irs.gov.

Roth IRAs for working teenagers. Children of any age who earn income from a job can contribute to a Roth IRA, which can give them a great start on retirement savings. They can withdraw contributions without taxes or penalties anytime, and they can tap earnings tax-free after age 59½. They can contribute up to the amount they earned from working, with a $5,500 maximum in 2018.

Tax breaks for freelancing and home sharing. If you pick up extra money with a freelance job or by renting out your home, find out about the income you need to report and expenses you can deduct. See the IRS's "Sharing Economy Tax Center."

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