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ICMA-RC Waives Fees on Vantagepoint Milestone Target-Date Funds

August 8, 2018

Target-date funds, such as the Vantagepoint Milestone Funds, provide investors with exposure to multiple asset classes within a single strategy, gradually adjusting the asset mix as investors draw closer to their retirement dates. These types of funds have become an increasingly sought after element of investors' financial security, today accounting for more than 20 percent of total retirement plan assets, according to a recent Pensions & Investments survey.1

"The Vantagepoint Milestone Funds serve as the cornerstone of prudent retirement planning for many participants in the employer-sponsored 457, 401, and RHS plans that are administered by ICMA-RC," said Wayne Wicker, Senior Vice President & Chief Investment Officer. "By reducing fees in these funds, we are helping to ensure participants' investments grow and compound more over time, helping them achieve their long-term savings goals."    Costs in the Vantagepoint Milestone Funds vary depending on their asset mix, so the fee waivers also vary across the fund family, specifically:  

Fund NameWaiver
Retirement Income 0.09%
Milestone 2010 Fund 0.11%
Milestone 2015 Fund 0.07%
Milestone 2020 Fund 0.05%
Milestone 2025 Fund 0.05%
Milestone 2030 Fund 0.06%
Milestone 2035 Fund 0.07%
Milestone 2040 Fund 0.06%
Milestone 2045 Fund 0.07%
Milestone 2050 Fund 0.08%
Milestone 2055 Fund 0.13%

The Vantagepoint Funds were developed to help participants build retirement security, and we believe these changes in fees will help increase our competitiveness in the marketplace.

1"Target-date assets continue to climb," by Meaghan Kilroy, Pensions & Investments, February 5, 2018.

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