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Vantagepoint Funds Enhances Retirement Consultant Services

January 3, 2019

Vantagepoint Funds has expanded its digital presence to include detailed information about performance, holdings, fees, and other characteristics, which are now available at the click of a button. All of this information can be easily accessed at, providing a fast, efficient way for consultants and advisers to compare funds and conduct due diligence.

"We enhanced our consultant portal based on feedback from retirement plan consultants and institutional clients who asked for more in-depth information about their CITs," said Craig Lombardi, Managing Vice President and Head of DCIO at ICMA-RC. "Our new interface goes well beyond regulatory requirements and industry practice to provide a level of detail that sets a new standard for our market."

The enhanced digital portal provides consultants and advisors with a searchable Fund Summary page, which provides a quick overview of the Vantagepoint Funds. From there, users have the ability to drill down to specifics about the funds and view information on fees, performance, investment holdings, asset allocation, and portfolio characteristics. The site also contains quarterly fund commentaries with timely insights into fund performance and activity in the broader market.

"Our enhanced portal not only provides encyclopedic-level data on our funds, but empowers consultants with self-service capabilities to select and process the data they want, when they want it," said Karla Gill, Senior Vice President, Chief Information and Innovation Officer. "Providing timely, detailed, and targeted insight through the Vantagepoint Funds portal is just one more way that ICMA-RC is using its technological capabilities to partner and interact with consultants and plan sponsors in a more meaningful way."

For more information on Vantagepoint Funds or to learn more about the enhanced features, visit

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