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ICMA-RC Rolls Out an Online Plan Health Tool to Help Plan Sponsors Improve Their Retirement Plans

April 4, 2019

ICMA-RC has begun rolling out the Plan Health Monitor, a new digital resource, to plan sponsors in a phased release. The tool provides a quick and intuitive way for plan sponsors to assess the overall health of their plans and identify opportunities for improvement.

To create dynamic and innovative resources that best meet the needs of plan sponsors, ICMA-RC conducted extensive research in the development of the Plan Health Monitor, including evaluating best practices and interviewing clients on plan health objectives. The Plan Health Monitor includes:

  • High-Level Plan Snapshot — Assess the overall health of a plan by viewing key plan health metrics
  • Segmentation Analysis — Access more detailed employee data to identify segments that may benefit from additional attention
  • Results Tracking — Track efforts and see a plan's progress over time

"We are dedicated to developing products and services that will provide the public sector with the best possible retirement solutions," said ICMA-RC President and CEO, Bob Schultze. "We are pleased to offer a resource such as the Plan Health Monitor, and are confident this intuitive tool will help plan sponsors work toward better retirement outcomes for their participants."

"ICMA-RC is committed to providing forward-looking, digital solutions that are responsive to client needs," said Karla Gill, ICMA-RC Senior Vice President, Chief Information & Innovation Officer. "The Plan Health Monitor gives plan sponsors a way of measuring plan and participant success in real time; allowing them to make strategic and informed decisions on how to evolve and improve their retirement savings plan."

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