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ICMA-RC Selected as Sole 401(a) and 457 Recordkeeper for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District

December 22, 2020

Selection Based on Storied History of Service Excellence, Commitment, and Value

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) has selected ICMA-RC as recordkeeper for its 401(a) and 457 defined contribution retirement plans, which includes $100 million in assets. BAAQMD serves as the public agency that regulates the stationary sources of air pollution in the nine counties of California's San Francisco Bay Area.

"The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is excited to partner with ICMA-RC as the provider for our deferred compensation and money purchase pension plans," said Judy Yu, Human Resources Manager. "With ICMA-RC's extensive experience in managing retirement plans and dedicated services to public sector agencies, we have the confidence that they will meet the retirement needs of our employees and retirees. We look forward to working with ICMA-RC and continuing to build and enhance our retirement plans."

Previously, BAAQMD offered its employees several plans managed by multiple providers. After completing a benchmark analysis, it determined that moving to a single provider would lead to a substantial savings and enhance its service offerings.

"We are pleased to be partnering with the amazing team at Bay Area Air Quality Management District to provide employees with retirement education, unbiased advice, and financial planning. For half a century, we have been focused on the unique retirement needs of those dedicated public servants who serve their communities to help them save toward a more secure and confident financial future," said ICMA-RC's Senior Vice President, Orlando Cruz. "We are committed to continuing to provide an unparalleled experience and we look forward to delivering the highest level of service to the employees of Bay Area Air Quality Management District."

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