3rd Quarter 2017

Around ICMA-RC

Retiree Health Cost Estimator. Health care costs are likely to be a significant expense during retirement. It's important to plan for these costs before you retire. You can use our Retiree Health Cost Estimator at to calculate your health care costs at and through retirement, factoring in your current health status and savings options available to you. You'll find additional calculators and tools to help you save in our Retirement Education Center at

TextAccess. Sign up for TextAccess so you can request your account balance and other account information by sending a text from your mobile phone to ICMA-RC. Learn more at

Designing Spaces, a national home and workplace improvement show, featured the remodeling of the Lighthouse Point Firehouse in Lighthouse Point, Florida. As the city's retirement-plan provider, ICMA-RC was also featured in the episode as we spoke with some of the firefighters about planning for retirement. The show aired Aug. 4, 2017, on the Lifetime Network. See highlights at

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