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Research: COVID-19 Cases Rise Across the U.S. as Public Employees' Job Satisfaction Falls

The COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis are taking a heavy toll on the public workforce. ICMA-RC is hosting a webinar — COVID 19: Public Sector Trends and Solutions, that is tied to a new national poll of state and local employees conducted by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence (SLGE), that has found that 54% of the public workforce say they’ve been negatively impacted financially by the pandemic.

From March to October of 2020, K-12 education employees reported their job satisfaction had fallen partly due to increased hours on the job. Other key takeaways from K-12 employees are:

  • Satisfaction with their employer dropped from 69% to 44%
  • 63% felt higher levels of stress
  • 54% felt higher levels of burnout
  • 41% indicate working somewhat/significantly more hours than pre-pandemic

These findings are contained in two new infographics from SLGE and ICMA-RCPublic Sector Employee Views on COVID-19: May 2020 vs. October 2020 and K-12 Education Employee Views on COVID-19: March 2020 vs. October 2020. A full report with additional survey findings will be issued in January 2021.

“This research is critical as those who serve their communities face the ongoing challenges posed by the pandemic,” said Orlando Cruz, Senior Vice President, ICMA-RC. “As we look ahead, there are opportunities to work closely with those on the front lines to address these issues, both for the day-to-day challenges faced and as they work to save for their financial goals.”

Click here to access the SLGE survey details. For additional research and COVID-19 information, please visit our Resource Center for Plan Sponsors. On the site, you’ll find a link to our Resource Center for Participants.

Founded in 2007 with financial support from ICMA-RC, SLGE has published more than 80 research reports on topics like pension funding, health benefits, and compensation and workforce trends in state and local governments. Learn more about SLGE at www.slge.org or visit them on Twitter: @4GovtExcellence.