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EZLink Tip of the Month: Contribution Limits and Excess Contributions Report

With 2018 in the not-so-distant past, take a moment to view a report of any excess participant contributions.

You can easily obtain a report that shows a participant’s estimated remaining contribution amount for the year within EZLink. After you log in, follow these steps:

  • From Dashboard, click the Reports tab at the top right of the main landing page.
  • Under Participant Reports, click Contribution Reports; then Contribution Limit.
  • Under Retrieve Criteria, select Retrieve All Records. You can sort by name for the current year and click Proceed.

You can use this report from ICMA-RC to assist you as you reconcile your payroll records. You may view 2018 IRS contribution limits here. Also, see 2019 contribution limits at www.icmarc.org/contributionlimits.

If you need assistance with obtaining the report while you are logged in to EZLink, please use one of the Contact Us options to reach an EZLink Specialist.