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Investing Snapshot: COVID-19 and the Markets

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve made it a priority to keep you and your employees informed by monitoring and reporting on the markets’ movements and providing helpful resources. See examples at our Plan Sponsor Coronavirus and CARES Act Resource Center.

Recent additions to the website include these articles on the financial markets:

  • Consequences Known and Unknown — Offers insights following the storming of the House and Senate during the tallying of presidential electoral votes.
  • Rounding Out a Rollercoaster Year — Provides a summary of the uncertainty we experienced in 2020, the promise of a COVID-19 vaccine, and economic warning signs.
  • Hopes for a Smooth Road Back to Normal — Describes the activities in the two weeks following election night, including a rally in the financial markets, and COVID-19 vaccine trials underway.

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