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COVID-19 Infographic: K-12 Education Employee Views

A new infographic, titled COVID-19 Infographic: K-12 Education Employee Views, describes educators' feelings about safety and finances during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to findings in the new infographic from the Center for State and Local Government Excellence (SLGE) and ICMA-RC, K-12 educators are very concerned about their personal safety and family finances during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey's topics range from health and safety to financial uncertainty and how educators feel about serving the public during this difficult time.

Key survey findings of the K-12 Education Employee Views on COVID-19 infographic include:

  • 89% report at least some remote work currently.
  • 76% are concerned that the pandemic and the related economic crisis will impact their ability to save enough to be financially secure throughout retirement.
  • 72% consider their job at least somewhat risky in terms of potential exposure to people who may have COVID-19.
  • 61% said that they and their family have been negatively impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 56% agree that they have been able to get the help, information, and resources they need to make smart financial decisions during the pandemic and related economic crisis.
  • 28% expect they will reduce the amount they are saving for retirement currently, over the course of the next year.

Although they are worried, the research finds that these public employees value serving their communities during this difficult time and feel that the pandemic has made the public more aware of the importance of their work.

The K-12 public school employee research is a supplement to the broader recent analysis of state and local employees' views, Public Sector Employee Views on Finances and Employment Outlook Due to COVID-19. Information for the research is excerpted from the 218 K-12 education respondents of an online survey of 1,008 full-time state and local government employees conducted in May 2020, along with a separate poll of 400 K-12 employees in March 2020.

Founded in 2007 with financial support from ICMA-RC, SLGE has published over 80 research reports on such topics as pension funding, health benefits, and compensation and workforce trends in state and local governments. Learn more about SLGE at www.slge.org or visit them on Twitter: @4GovtExcellence.