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Disbursements: Key Dates to Remember

Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2020

Last distribution date for a disbursement request with a 2020 tax record.

The request must be received on this day in good order prior to 4:00 p.m., Eastern time. Requests received after 4:00 p.m. on this date will be reflected on a 2021 tax form for 1099-R. Also, on this date or earlier, any disbursements processed will be done with a 2020 tax record.

Thursday, Dec. 31, 2020         

First processing date of the new tax year and the first redemption date for a 2021 tax year payment disbursement since tax years are determined by payment date.

Any redemptions on this date will be considered taxable in 2021 with a payment date of Jan. 4, 2021.

Friday, Jan. 8, 2021    

ICMA-RC will mail 1099-R tax forms to the participants no later than this date.  

For more important dates, please see Year-End Tasks Reminder for Plan Administrators.