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EZLink Tip of the Month: Hire and Termination Dates for 401 Plan Participants

Please be advised that when enrolling participants into a plan, it's important that a hire date is always entered, especially when enrolling participants in 401 plans.

Additionally, when terminating a participant from these plans via EZLink, please pay close attention to the vesting percentage that populates to ensure it’s correct. If the vesting is incorrect (in many cases due to previously omitted hire date), this value can be overwritten by manually entering the correct vesting before completing the submission. 

In EZLink, enrolling or terminating employee’s participation in the plan is done by following these easy steps:

  • On the top/banner area of the page, hover over one of the first three menu items (Overview, Plans, or Participants).
  • After the submenu appears, hover over Enroll/Terminate on the left side.
  • Click on either Enroll, or Rehire, or Terminate Participant.
  • Enter the participant search criteria — Social Security number or last name, where appropriate.

If you need assistance while using EZLink, please use one of the Contact Us options to reach an EZLink Specialist. We are here to assist you.