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ICMA-RC Has Expanded Its Guided Pathways® Services

ICMA-RC proudly introduces our expanded Guided Pathways® Services that will reach more participants and retirees with virtual availability of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. The vision for the program's expansion is driven by a variety of virtual CFP® consultations focused on the whole household. This means that ICMA-RC will provide a deeper, more comprehensive view of participants' and their families' overall financial wellness, without the limitations of worksite consultations.

By providing your participants with greater access to CFP® professionals at times participants deem most convenient, your participants will receive more personalized information and targeted resources. The new structure allows us to:

  • Better meet participants' needs and market demands
  • Increase scale and broaden outreach to both working participants retirees, and their families
  • Meet participants in the time zones they live, virtually, and at the times that are most convenient for them

As ICMA-RC continues to evolve by focusing on new resources, technology enhancements, and our expanded retirement planning services, we will reach out to your participants to ensure they are aware of these valuable services. With our proactive digital marketing campaigns, your participants will be able to take advantage of these new services quickly, and easily sign up for appointments and webinars. ICMA-RC's forward-thinking approach will continue to help us partner with you to focus on increased plan participation and asset retention.

To learn more about the exciting new direction of our expanded CFP® services, please read this press release.

We look forward to sharing additional service enhancements with you in the coming months and furthering our partnership with you as we focus on helping your employees build retirement security.