Employer Bulletin: Your Plan Administration Resource

ICMA-RC Participates in Upcoming, Annual America Saves Week

ICMA-RC will once again participate in ASW which will take place Feb. 22-26, 2021. ASW is an annual celebration as well as a call to action for everyday Americans to commit to saving successfully. This week-long event presents a great opportunity for public employees to focus on ways to save toward a successful financial future and achieve their retirement savings goals.

During ASW, we'll highlight a series of informative videos from our executives and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals that address:

  • Market volatility
  • Cyber security
  • Savings strategies
  • Financial planning
  • Debt management

In addition, employees will have the opportunity to schedule a meeting with an ICMA-RC representative, play an interactive game that allows them to imagine their future selves in retirement, as well as share their individual retirement stories.

As the week approaches, ICMA-RC will email updates to you and your participants about the resources available. Also, visit www.icmarc.org in early February to take advantage of the America Saves Week campaign.