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Education: Improving Financial Health with Online Resources

National Financial Literacy Month afforded us the opportunity to provide participants with online resources to help them continue to focus on improving their financial health. In our April participant e-newsletter RealizeRetirement® Monthly, we provided strategies for achieving savings goals, reducing debt, and improving overall financial health. Our goal was to have them create a positive association with their finances and build the confidence to make informed financial decisions.

Because ICMA-RC has a singular focus on improving the financial health of those who tirelessly serve our communities, we want to continue to provide them with resources to navigate their financial future year-round. With our Retirement Education Center, your employees can access a wide range of helpful financial resources and tools. You can encourage them to use this resource by copying and pasting the following linked text: Retirement Education Center handout.

We’re committed to our shared mission of helping your employees achieve a more secure and confident financial future.