Employer Bulletin: Your Plan Administration Resource

Plan Administration Highlights

Below are tips and reminders to help you with plan administration within EZLink. If you need assistance while using EZLink, please contact our Plan Sponsor Services team. We’ll be happy to assist.

EZLink Users Report

Reviewing your EZLink Users Report and plan contact list will allow you to monitor who has EZLink access and what type of access is available to the user. Please be advised that each EZLink user is expected to have their own EZLink access account under their own name and associated email. If a user is no longer employed, their access needs to be removed or deactivated immediately.

Obtain the EZLink report by hovering over the Reports tab at top right, then click EZLink Reports.

Plan Contact Information

Reviewing your EZLink users plan contact list will:

  • Show the list of authorized contacts for the plan.
  • Ensure confidential plan information is accessible on a need-to-know basis.

To obtain a list of your plan contacts, on the top banner area of the page, click the Plans tab > click on Plan Overview one row below the plans tab.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact your ICMA-RC representative or Plan Sponsor Services.