Employer Bulletin: Your Plan Administration Resource

Reminder: “Start Your Journey” Enrollment Campaign Is Currently Underway

As part of ICMA-RC's client-focused and environmental approach, our traditional print and PDF enrollment kits are now only available virtually and can no longer be ordered. We began sharing our progress in this direction with you in the summer and have now concluded our successful rollout. Along with this achievement, we’ll conduct ongoing campaigns to heighten employees’ awareness, and energize them to join the plan and start saving for their retirement through our online enrollment journey in which ICMA-RC will partner with you.

Please view "Start Your Journey" Enrollment Campaign Launches from the December Employer Bulletin for valuable resources including the "Start Your Journey" Enrollment Experience Field Guide and the email template.

We have also transitioned the key components of the traditional enrollment kit such as fund information, fee disclosures, and plan features, all of which can be viewed online and downloaded at www.icmarc.org/enroll to make the experience simple and straightforward.