Employer Bulletin: Your Plan Administration Resource

Using File Upload to Submit Contribution, Loan Repayment Details

Do you submit your contribution and/or loan repayment details to ICMA-RC via file upload? If so, it is important that your participant data is submitted in good order, and we have a few reminders to assist you with this process.

Files that contain erroneous data and do not adhere to our guidelines could cause delays in posting your participants' contributions and loan repayments. If you currently submit your data using the file upload method, your file must conform with our standard file layout. When submitting data, here are a few things you can check:

  • Loan Numbering Review your records to be certain that the loan repayment amount corresponds with the active loan number that you are submitting a repayment against. The loan file should also include three characters, for example, 001. To verify the correct loan number, log in to EZLink (www.icmarc.org/login), navigate to the Reports menu and then Participant Reports. Select the Loan Reports tab and then the Loan Detail Report. We recommend filtering the report by choosing the "Active" status from the Loan Status dropdown.
  • Employer Sources  Check your file to ensure the correct source is indicated. For example, your 457 plan source code should be left blank or use source code "RT" for 457 Roth contributions, if applicable; and your IRA plan should only have "EE" as the source.
  • Invalid Characters Ensure that information in your file has no extra characters. Only use the characters represented in the standard layout. For example, including nicknames along with your participants' first and last names are not permitted.

If you have any questions about our standard file layout, please use a contact option for Plan Sponsor Services within EZLink or contact us at (800) 326-7272.