Employer Bulletin: Your plan administration resource

Vantagepoint is now MissionSquare Investments and Funds

In September 2021, the Vantagepoint/VantageTrust Funds were renamed MissionSquare Funds. The advisor to the funds, Vantagepoint Investment Advisers, LLC, was also renamed to MissionSquare Investments and remains a wholly owned subsidiary of MissionSquare Retirement.

In addition, the names of our products and services with "Vantagepoint" or "Vantage" have changed, with no changes to the features. For example, "Vantagepoint IRA" was changed to "MissionSquare IRA."

There’s no action for you or your employees to take. Only the names have changed. The management, investment strategy, objectives, and processes remain the same.

These name changes will appear on our websites in September and on third-quarter fund statements and reports.

The MissionSquare Investments and funds' names are aligned with our parent company name change. Visit our website for details about our new brand.

Update to MissionSquare email addresses

With the transition to our new brand, this month our domains and email addresses were updated from @icmarc.org to @missionsq.org for MissionSquare Retirement and @msqplanservices.org for our MissionSquare Plan Services team.

Please add the new domains to your safe contacts list, spam filter, and firewall servers to ensure you continue to receive our communications. Also, be sure to check your spam folder for emails coming from our new addresses. Emails sent to our current address, @icmarc.org, will still be received. Access this FAQ document to learn more about the recent changes, and visit our website for more details.