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Fund Update: VT ClearBridge International Fund Closure

As indicated in correspondence sent to plan sponsors in August 2020, the VT ClearBridge International Value Fund will be replaced with the VT Diversified International Fund through a fund lineup change that will become effective on or about Nov. 13, 2020.

At that time, the VT ClearBridge International Value Fund will close and asset balances, future contributions, and current allocations will be directed to the VT Diversified International Fund.

After plan sponsors have had the opportunity to accept the fund lineup change outlined in the letter or to designate other replacement fund(s), we will then notify participants of the fund lineup change. The notification will include instructions on how participants with balances in the closing fund may select alternate investment options through ICMA-RC's Account Access at www.icmarc.org/login or by contacting our Participant Services team.

If you have questions about these fund changes, please log into EZLink and use any of the Contact Us options for Plan Sponsor Services.