Bay Area Rapid Transit: Retirement Plans

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Frequent Trading Policy

The BART IPC contracts with ICMA-RC as the third-party record keeper for the 457 Deferred Compensation Plan and the 401(a) Money Purchase Pension Plan. As the record keeper, ICMA-RC monitors BART participant trading activity. The specific policies and procedures are described on the ICMA-RC web site. If you have any questions about these policies, please contact Investor Services at 800-669-7400 between 5:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. PT.

Contact Your Representative

Susan Chang
Susan Chang,
Retirement Plans Specialist
(866) 620-6064
Ray Ortiz
Ray Ortiz,
Retirement Plans Specialist
(888) 883-8571
Joanne Holan
Joanne Holan,
(877) 313-8317