MissionSquare Retirement is ready to help our clients in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

MissionSquare Retirement has taken two steps to help plan participants who have been affected by recent storms.

First, we have posted on our website an emergency withdrawal form for 457 Deferred Compensation Plan participants to request emergency funds to be used in restoring property damaged by the hurricane. We've instructed plan participants to clearly state Hurricane Sandy is the reason for their request and to provide specific mailing instructions, as they may be displaced from their homes.

Second, MissionSquare Retirement will support a plan sponsor's choice to authorize up to $5,000 for essential living expenses without any emergency withdrawal documentation. While plan sponsor approval is normally required on each request, a plan sponsor can authorize a general or "blanket" approval for us to issue payments on any incoming requests due to the hurricane. We will maintain the blanket approval for 30 days from authorization.

To immediately authorize a blanket approval, please contact us by using one of the following options:

Plan Sponsor Resources:

  • Call our Plan Sponsor Services team at 800-326-7272
  • Fax your request to 202-682-6439 (attention RMU)

Should you have any questions about emergency withdrawals or our expedited process, please contact us by one of the ways described above. MissionSquare Retirement is here to serve our clients and to help you recover from this hurricane.

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