City of Plano, Texas: 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

457 Deferred Compensation Plan


The City of Plano, Texas and ICMA-RC welcome you to your 457(b) and Payroll Roth Retirement Plans online. Once you log in, you can check in on your account, make transactions, update personal information, view personal performance and activity summaries, and more. In addition, select forms are available for printing without requiring you to log in.


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    Michael MendenhallMichael Mendenhall
    ICMA-RC Retirement Plans Specialist
    (800) 290-7160

    Tiffany KeelingTiffani Keeling
    ICMA-RC Retirement Plan Specialist
    (866) 339-8791

    Rick SternRick Stern
    (866) 265-5504

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    For account inquiries, address changes, or any other customer service issues, please contact ICMA-RC Investor Services at (800) 669-7400.

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