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The following funds are available for investment through a Vantagepoint IRA.

Vantagepoint IRA Investment Options
Fund NameFund CodeTicker SymbolMorningstar CategoryProspectus LinkInception Date
Stable Value/Cash Management
Dreyfus Cash Management, Participant Shares 4591 DPCXX N/A HTML 11/21/1996
Vantagepoint Low Duration Bond Fund 0024 VPIPX Short-Term Bond HTML 12/4/2000
RS Low Duration Bond A 5267 RLDAX Short-Term Bond HTML 7/30/2003
Oppenheimer Limited-Term Bond A 5138 OUSGX Short-Term Bond HTML 8/16/1985
PIMCO Low Duration Admin 5167 PLDAX Short-Term Bond HTML 1/3/1995
BlackRock GNMA Portfolio A 4469 BGPAX Intermediate Government HTML 5/18/1998
Vantagepoint Core Bond Index Fund 0030 VPCIX Intermediate-Term Bond HTML 6/2/1997
Parnassus Fixed-Income 1409 PRFIX Intermediate-Term Bond HTML 9/1/1992
T Rowe Price® New Income Adv 5304 PANIX Intermediate-Term Bond HTML 9/30/2002
PIMCO Total Return Fund, Class Administrative 5177 PTRAX Intermediate-Term Bond HTML 9/8/1994
Vantagepoint Inflation Focused Fund 0075 VPTSX Inflation-Protected Bond HTML 7/1/1992
PIMCO Real Return Fund, Class Administrative 5169 PARRX Inflation-Protected Bond HTML 4/28/2000
Nuveen Strategic Income I 5115 FCBYX Multisector Bond HTML 2/1/2000
PIMCO Diversified Income Administrative 5189 PDAAX Multisector Bond HTML 10/29/2004
Fidelity Advisor® Floating Rate High Income Fund 4706 FFRAX Bank Loan HTML 8/16/2000
Oppenheimer Senior Floating Rate A 5136 OOSAX Bank Loan HTML 9/8/1999
PIMCO High Yield Fund, Class Administrative 5176 PHYAX High Yield Bond HTML 1/16/1995
Harbor High-Yield Bond Investor 1408 HYFIX High Yield Bond HTML 12/2/2002
Dreyfus International Bond A 4598 DIBAX World Bond HTML 12/30/2005
Loomis Sayles Global Bond Retail 5021 LSGLX World Bond HTML 12/31/1996
PIMCO Foreign Bond (Unhedged) Admin 5188 PFUUX World Bond HTML 2/28/2006
Fidelity Advisor® Emerging Markets Income Fund 4702 FMKAX Emerging Markets Bond HTML 9/3/1996
PIMCO Emerging Markets Bond Admin 5162 PEBAX Emerging Markets Bond HTML 9/30/1998
Balanced/Asset Allocation
Vantagepoint Milestone Retirement Income Fund 0250 VPRRX Retirement Income HTML 1/3/2005
Vantagepoint Milestone 2010 Fund 0257 VPRQX Target Date 2000-2010 HTML 1/3/2005
Vantagepoint Milestone 2015 Fund 0258 VPRPX Target Date 2011-2015 HTML 1/3/2005
Vantagepoint Milestone 2020 Fund 0259 VPROX Target Date 2016-2020 HTML 1/3/2005
Vantagepoint Milestone 2025 Fund 0260 VPRNX Target Date 2021-2025 HTML 1/3/2005
Vantagepoint Milestone 2030 Fund 0261 VPRMX Target Date 2026-2030 HTML 1/3/2005
Vantagepoint Milestone 2035 Fund 0262 VPRLX Target Date 2031-2035 HTML 1/3/2005
Vantagepoint Milestone 2040 Fund 0263 VPRKX Target Date 2036-2040 HTML 1/3/2005
Vantagepoint Milestone 2045 Fund 0264 VPRJX Target Date 2041-2045 HTML 1/4/2010
Vantagepoint Milestone 2050 Fund 0265 VPRHX Target Date 2046-2050 HTML 9/11/2012
Vantagepoint Model Portfolio Conservative Growth Fund 0252 VPCGX Conservative Allocation HTML 4/1/1996
Vantagepoint Model Portfolio Traditional Growth Fund 0253 VPTGX Moderate Allocation HTML 4/1/1996
Vantagepoint Model Portfolio Long-Term Growth Fund 0254 VPLGX Aggressive Allocation HTML 4/1/1996
Vantagepoint Model Portfolio Global Equity Growth Fund 0255 VPAGX World Stock HTML 10/1/2000
American Beacon Balanced Fund 1556 AABPX Moderate Allocation HTML 8/1/1994
Invesco Equity and Income Fund 4912 ACEIX Moderate Allocation HTML 8/3/1960
U.S. Stock
Vantagepoint Equity Income Fund 0025 VPEIX Large Value HTML 4/1/1994
Invesco Diversified Dividend A 4884 LCEAX Large Value HTML 12/31/2001
BlackRock Equity Dividend A LW 4467 MDDVX Large Value HTML 10/21/1994
T Rowe Price® Equity Income Advisor 5295 PAFDX Large Value HTML 3/31/2000
AllianzGI NFJ Dividend Value Admin 4312 ANDAX Large Value HTML 5/8/2000
Nuveen Tradewinds Value Opportunities I 5116 NVORX Large Value HTML 12/9/2004
Becker Value Equity Retail 4455 BVEFX Large Value HTML 11/3/2003
Oppenheimer Equity Income A 5121 OAEIX Large Value HTML 12/13/1987
Vantagepoint 500 Stock Index Fund, Class I 0037 VPFIX Large Blend HTML 6/2/1997
Vantagepoint Broad Market Index Fund, Class I 0050 VPMIX Large Blend HTML 10/1/1994
Vantagepoint Growth & Income Fund 0047 VPGIX Large Blend HTML 10/2/1998
Parnassus Equity Core Fund 1478 PRBLX Large Blend HTML 9/1/1992
Oppenheimer Main Street A 5133 MSIGX Large Blend HTML 2/3/1988
Davis NY Venture Fund, Class A 1410 NYVTX Large Blend HTML 2/17/1969
ClearBridge Value Trust, Class FI 5018 LMVFX Large Blend HTML 3/23/2001
Vantagepoint Growth Fund 0020 VPGRX Large Growth HTML 4/1/1983
Fidelity Advisor® New Insights Fund 4717 FNIAX Large Growth HTML 7/31/2003
Janus Fund, Class S 4944 JGORX Large Growth HTML 7/6/2009
Janus Forty Fund, Class S 4942 JARTX Large Growth HTML 5/1/1997
T. Rowe Price® Growth Stock Fund, Class Advisor 5368 TRSAX Large Growth HTML 12/31/2001
BlackRock Capital Appreciation A 4466 MDFGX Large Growth HTML 12/31/1997
Harbor Capital Appreciation Investor 4849 HCAIX Large Growth HTML 11/1/2002
T. Rowe Price® Blue Chip Growth Fund, Class Adv 5292 PABGX Large Growth HTML 3/31/2000
Vantagepoint Select Value Fund 0022 VPSVX Mid-Cap Value HTML 10/30/2007
Perkins Mid Cap Value S 5152 JMVIX Mid-Cap Value HTML 7/6/2009
AllianzGI NFJ Mid-Cap Value Admin 4325 PRAAX Mid-Cap Value HTML 8/31/1998
Fidelity Advisor® Value Fund 4726 FAVFX Mid-Cap Value HTML 12/23/2003
Fidelity Advisor® Leveraged Company Stock Fund 4715 FLSAX Mid-Cap Value HTML 12/27/2000
CRM Small/Mid Cap Value Investor 4539 CRMAX Mid-Cap Blend HTML 9/1/2004
Vantagepoint Aggressive Opportunities Fund 0026 VPAOX Mid-Cap Growth HTML 10/1/1994
Janus Enterprise Fund, Class S 4939 JGRTX Mid-Cap Growth HTML 7/6/2009
Harbor Mid Cap Growth Investor 4847 HIMGX Mid-Cap Growth HTML 11/1/2002
Northern Small Cap Value 1436 NOSGX Small Value HTML 3/31/1994
American Beacon Small Cap Value 4333 AVPAX Small Value HTML 3/1/1999
Vantagepoint Mid/Small Company Index Fund, Class I 0038 VPSIX Small Blend HTML 6/2/1997
Vantagepoint Discovery Fund 0023 VPDSX Small Blend HTML 10/30/2007
Royce Total Return Svc 5245 RYTFX Small Blend HTML 1/3/2002
T. Rowe Price Small-Cap Value Adv 5308 PASVX Small Blend HTML 3/31/2000
Fidelity Advisor® Small Cap Fund 4762 FSCDX Small Blend HTML 9/9/1998
ClearBridge Small Cap Fund 5012 LGASX Small Blend HTML 7/30/2004
Royce Premier Fund, Class Service 5244 RPFFX Small Growth HTML 9/3/2002
Aston/TAMRO Small Cap Fund, Class N 4439 ATASX Small Growth HTML 11/30/2000
Invesco Small Cap Discovery Growth A 4901 VASCX Small Growth HTML 11/27/2007
Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund, Class A 4613 HRSCX Small Growth HTML 5/7/1993
International/Global Stock
Nuveen Global Infrastructure I 5114 FGIYX World Stock HTML 12/17/2007
Third Avenue Value Fund 5393 TAVFX World Stock HTML 11/1/1990
ClearBridge Global Growth Trust, Class FI 5011 LMGFX World Stock HTML 1/29/2004
Oppenheimer Global Fund, Class A 5120 OPPAX World Stock HTML 12/22/1969
American Beacon International Equity Inv 4336 AAIPX Foreign Large Value HTML 8/1/1994
AllianzGI NFJ International Value Admin 4326 AIVAX Foreign Large Value HTML 5/12/2010
Vantagepoint International Fund 0045 VPINX Foreign Large Blend HTML 10/1/1994
Vantagepoint Overseas Equity Index Fund, Class I 0036 VPOIX Foreign Large Blend HTML 6/2/1997
Harbor International Investor 4843 HIINX Foreign Large Blend HTML 11/1/2002
Invesco International Growth A 4914 AIIEX Foreign Large Growth HTML 4/7/1992
Oppenheimer International Growth A 5129 OIGAX Foreign Large Growth HTML 3/25/1996
Fidelity Advisor® Diversified International Fund 4701 FDVAX Foreign Large Growth HTML 12/17/1998
Third Avenue International Value Inst 5390 TAVIX Foreign Small/Mid Value HTML 12/31/2001
Fidelity® International Small Cap Fund 4767 FIASX Foreign Small/Mid Growth HTML 5/27/2003
Northern Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Equity Fund 1513 NMMEX Diversified Emerging Mkts HTML 11/19/2008
Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund, Class A 5113 ODMAX Diversified Emerging Mkts HTML 11/18/1996
Dreyfus Emerging Markets A 4592 DRFMX Diversified Emerging Mkts HTML 6/28/1996
Invesco Convertible Securities A 4917 CNSAX Convertibles HTML 7/28/1997
Nuveen Real Estate Securities I 5112 FARCX Real Estate HTML 6/30/1995
Invesco Global Real Estate A LW 4890 AGREX Global Real Estate HTML 4/29/2005
PIMCO Commodity Real Ret Strat Admin 5187 PCRRX Commodities Broad Basket HTML 2/14/2003
AllianzGI Global Natural Resources Fund 4327 ARMAX Natural Resources HTML 3/31/2006
Invesco Gold & Precious Metals A 4916 IGDAX Equity Precious Metals HTML 3/28/2002
Oppenheimer Gold and Special Minerals A 5125 OPGSX Equity Precious Metals HTML 7/19/1983
Fidelity Advisor® Technology Fund 4725 FATEX Technology HTML 9/3/1996
Goldman Sachs Tech Tollkeeper Service 4836 GITSX Technology HTML 10/1/1999
Invesco Energy A 4915 IENAX Equity Energy HTML 3/28/2002
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