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    • Washington State Department of Retirement Systems (DRS)
      DRS administers PERS, TRS and SERS and the defined benefit component of Plan 3. Additional information regarding each retirement system and plan, including DRS contact information can be found on the DRS website.
    • ICMA Retirement Corporation (ICMA-RC)
      ICMA-RC has been contracted by DRS for both investment education and record-keeping services for Plan 3 member accounts. You may find answers to some of the questions you have on the FAQs page. Other customer service inquiries can be handled by calling toll-free 888-711-8773 or emailing plan3@icmarc.org.

    TRS Plan 3 January rate change window ends after 2015

    If you’re a TRS Plan 3 member, you may have taken advantage of the annual January rate change period to adjust your defined contribution percentage in the past. Due to conditions of the recent IRS re-qualification of TRS Plan 3, January 2015 is the last time you will have this opportunity to change your rate without changing employers. Read more.