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    • Fund Descriptions
      Read about fund objectives, investment strategy and risk, performance, fees, sector holdings, and fund characteristics.
    • Fund Performance
      See daily share prices, period-to-period share prices, and long-term performance.
    • Plan 3 Report Library
      See current and archived past issues of Plan 3 reports.
    • Plan 3 Education
      Attend a free Plan 3 seminar in your area or watch a short Plan 3 webinar.
    • Plan 3 Investment Guide
      This guide provides complete fund descriptions, fees, processing rules, and other important information about both the Self-Directed and WSIB Investment Programs.

    When was the last time you reviewed your investment allocation?

    Having an investment allocation in line with your personal goals and risk tolerance is crucial to retirement success. Great information about performance, asset allocation, and risk is available under the Investments tab.