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Important Update: How ICMA-RC is Responding to Concerns about Coronavirus (COVID-19) ICMA-RC continues to monitor the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Given a growing concern across the country, we are prepared for a wide range of possible situations and putting in place measures that are focused on protecting the health and safety of our teammates, while continuing to deliver excellent service to our clients.

We are here to serve you and we are committed to assisting you during this most difficult time. Our teammates are now working remotely, and we are fully operational. You can continue to access and monitor your account 24/7 by logging into Account Access through our website or mobile app. Additionally, please feel free to contact your local representative or our contact center during normal business from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern time Monday through Friday.


  Updated: 3/27/2020


We know seeing stock market losses and the negative impact on your retirement savings is difficult. While we are experiencing these unprecedented times, remember that your retirement savings plan is meant to be a long-term investment. History shows that staying the course may still produce greater returns in the long run.

You may also wonder why you are not seeing a balance change throughout the day. That's because your retirement account information, including fund balances, are updated each night. Since investment options available from ICMA-RC are typically mutual funds or collective trust funds that are priced only once per day, the nightly update provides the latest fund balance information. Other financial instruments such as individual stocks, bonds, and exchange-traded funds are priced throughout the day, so brokerage accounts typically have up-to-the-minute pricing.

ICMA-RC offers 401, 457, 403(b), Individual Retirement Account, and retiree health programs such as the VantageCare Retirement Health Savings (RHS) and Employer Investment Program (EIP). Our service commitment extends to our third-party claims administrator Meritain Health, which continues to provide administration for RHS participant claims and EIP distributions. Visit www.Meritain.com to learn more about their COVID-19 preparedness. 

As we continue to monitor the situation, please check our website, periodically for any updates and we will continue to provide additional resources via the Coronavirus and the Markets Resource Center.

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